12.12.2018 December Meeting

Thanks to everyone who could attend or call-in to the Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 DCCOA meeting from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm! It was great to hear all the exciting upcoming events and code changes. Here is a summary of what was discussed during the meeting:

  • Call to Order
    • The President gave an opening statement welcoming all members to the meeting and holiday party. He also informed all Chapter members of the agenda and voting rules.
    • Vice President created and passed out the voting slips to each member.
  • Approval of Last Meeting
    • Last meeting notes are posted on the website. It is a youtube link.
    • You are unable to comment interactively unless, you have a youtube account.
    • We are working on a better solution for an interactive livestreaming platform.
  • Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
    1. Motto for Chapter
      • The final submission for the motto was Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 midnight.
      • Only four people voted:
        • 25% (1 person) voted for All Together, All for Code.
        • 25% (1 person) voted for United for Code Compliance.
        • 50% (2 people) voted for Committed to Safe, Healthy Buildings.
        • The final vote and new motto: Committed to Safe, Healthy Buildings.
    2. Allocate Money
      • Allocate Money Allocation of money for building a library for renting out books when our chapter members need it.
      • The majority of the members voted yes to this idea.
      • I will begin to set-up a library system for members to check-out books and notify members of inventory in every meeting.
    3. Cleaning Up E-mails
      • When I send out DCCOA notifications and updates, I receive a lot of “Daemon Delivery” or “Postmasters”.
      • I BCC’ed everyone because it is more efficient.
      • I have been receiving complaints that they are not receiving e-mails from me.
      • Please check your spam/junk inbox.
      • Please check with me if I have the correct e-mail.
      • The contact list I have consist of old contacts from Keith, the sign-in sheet from DCCOA meetings, and internal staff at DCRA.
      • If you are unable to receive BCC, please let me know.
      • Otherwise, I am cleaning-up our member’s contact list to remove e-mails that bounces back to me as daemon delivery or postmasters.
      • It is taking up data space in my archives and e-mail folder.
  • Committee Reports
    1. Bylaw Committee
      • The Chapter members have voted in the new edition of the Bylaws pertaining to the election timeframe.
      • It was unanimously voted to:
  • Change the election timeframe:
    1. November – Nominations
    2. December – Elections
    3. January – Installation of Officers
  • New committees to address chapter needs:
    1. TAG Committees for local building codes
      • Building Codes
      • Residential Codes
      • Energy Conservation Codes
      • Green Construction Codes
      • Mechanical Codes
      • Plumbing Codes
      • Electrical Codes
      • Property Maintenance Code
    2. Chapter Committees
      • Administration
      • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Committees
      • Region VII
      • Awards, Events, and Recognition
      • Outreach
      • Military and Veteran Technical Training
      • High School Development and Technical Training
  • Separating positions of the Secretary/Treasurer will discussed in January’s meeting.
  • Education Committee
    1. Wrapping up NCARB and report it to ICC and DCRA.
    2. Currently, scheduling for the 2019 NCARB training calendar.
  • Legislative Committee
    1. The President is a member of the Construction Codes Coordinating Board (CCCB).
    2. Currently, the CCCB are reviewing the next code adoptions.
    3. The review of public comments is over and most of the review from the technical advisory groups are nearly completed.
  • Voting
    1. Motto
      • The motto will be part of our present and future marketing strategy.
      • This includes the Chapter’s website, t-shirts, banners, brochures, etc.
    2. Nominations
      • Candidates
        • President
          • Clarence “Garret” Whitescarver
          • Keith Winston
        • Vice President
          • Timothy Walocha
          • David Griggs
        • Secretary/Treasurer
          • Ashley Delgado
          • Leslie Camacho
    3. Elections
      1. Won by the Majority:
        • President – Clarence “Garret” Whitescarver
        • Vice President – Timothy Walocha
        • Secretary/Treasurer – Ashley Delgado
  • Next Meeting/Bring In The New Year
    • Wednesday, January 9th, 2018
  • Adjourn

10.10.2018 October Meeting

Thanks to everyone who could attend the Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 DCCOA meeting from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm! It was great to hear all the exciting upcoming events and code changes. Here is a summary of what was discussed during the meeting:

  • Call to Order
    • The President gave an opening statement welcoming all members to the meeting and opened the floor for members’ participation.
    • The Vice President presented our chapter’s  new logo and banner.
      • Streaming will be temporarily suspended due to technical difficulties with the new media equipment.
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Secretary uploaded a summary of last month’s meeting. It was confirmed and approved by unanimous vote of members.
  • Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
    • The Green Fair and Expo was cancelled due to the vendors’ conflicting schedules with other “Green Conferences”.
    • For the time being, the membership account has been upgraded to assign each member a unique membership ID number for:
      • Free training and education,
      • Voting rights within the chapter,
      • Local and national code developments,
      • Networking across the industry,
      • Building partnerships,
      • Career development (committee, board, and leadership opportunities), and
      • Diversity and recognition.
    • Membership dues are due Friday, November 2nd, 2018.
    • The chapter now has a P.O. Box for checks, mail, and other chapter business.
    • As a chapter, we need a motto.
      • After reviews from the executive board, I will send a poll to choose one motto from 5 mottos.
    • Next meeting, the treasure will report on the current finances of the chapter.
  • Committee Reports
    • Bylaws Committee:
      • Due to upcoming elections, the Bylaw committee proposed a change to the Bylaws to have:
        • All paid members to vote,
        • November nominations,
        • December voting, and
        • January installation of officers.
      • This approach is to align with the ICC’s Bylaws for nominations, voting, and installation of officers.
      • Present members unanimously voted and approved of the publication of this change to allow members to review.
      • The vote on the new changes in the Bylaws will be on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018.
      • Please email David Griggs at Griggsdevelopment@gmail.com if you need more information, would like to alter this language further, or oppose the change.
      • All discussion is closed October 30th at 4pm.
      • Here is the link to the proposed change: file:///C:/Users/Ashley%20Delgado/Downloads/DCCOA%20by-laws%2020181010%20KW.doc.pdf.
    • Education Committee:
      • Upcoming training events by the National Capital Region Building Code Academy:
        • Simpson Strong-Tie, Inc. will be offering a 2 – hour seminar – Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 from 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM EDT.
        • Simpson Strong-Tie, Inc. will be offering a 2 – hour seminar – Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 from 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM EDT.
    • Legislative Committee:
      • 2018 ICC Annual Conference
        • The Annual ICC Conference in Richmond, Virginia – Sunday, October 21st – Monday, October 29th, 2018.
      • Public Hearing – The President conducted a Code Training regarding the proposed new D.C. building codes which were released to the public for comment on Tuesday, October 18th, 2018.
        • Proposed new DC building codes
          • As many of you know, last week the DC Government finally published in the DC Register proposed building codes, including green and energy codes.  Public Comment period will run through Monday, November 12th (45 days from posting). To submit a comment, write to Jill Stern at jill.stern@dc.gov. If you are interested in being considered for a technical advisory group, please reach Ms. Jill Stern.
    • Adjourn

Next meeting

  • Next meeting will be Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at DCRA, 1100 4th Street, SW, Room E4302, Washington, D.C., 20024 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

If anyone have any questions or know someone who would like to become a member, please feel free to send an e-mail to dccoa@dccodeofficials.com. Have a great day!




Tankless Water Heater Training

The National Capital Region Building Code Academy (NCRBCA) in partnership with Rinnai America Corporation will be offering a 2 – hour seminar review regarding product knowledge and installation.

To attend this event you must be working in the capacity of one of the following categories: DCRA Plan Reviewer, Combination Construction Inspector, Property Maintenance Inspector, DCRA Third Party Approved Companies, Trade Professionals, or Contractors. Additionally, members of the District of Columbia Code Officials Association (DCCOA) are welcome to attend. (Membership information is located at the bottom of this page)

Seminar topics will include :

  • Tankless heater overview
  • How to size tankless water heaters
  • How are heater is affected by relevant code
  • Event details:
    • Tuesday, September 11th, 2018
    • Registration/Sign-in- 8:30 a.m. to 8:55 a.m.
    • Class – 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
    • Location – 1100 4th St SW, 2nd floor room 200, Washington, DC 20024
  • Note: Please allow sufficient time to pass through security in our main lobby.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-capital-region-building-code-academy-ncrbca-rinnai-tankless-water-heaters-tickets-49613467216?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

If you have any questions, please Leslie at Leslie.Camacho@dc.gov. Thank you and have a great day!

ICC Updates

International Code Council Government Relations New Updates – August 2018

Follow @ICC_GR on Twitter for breaking GR news & announcements throughout the month

It’s only 11 weeks before the start of the 2018 ICC Annual Conference in Richmond, Va.! To keep you on track, this August issue of the ICC GR Chapter Monthly Update will focus on deadlines:

Deadline August 10: Applications are due for ICC’s 2018 Code of Honor Scholarship Program

If you are an ICC Governmental Member Voting Representative, don’t miss your chance to apply for a Code of Honor Scholarship to support your attendance at ICC’s Public Comment Hearings, October 24–31, 2018, in Richmond, Va. The application site will close on Friday, August 10. For details, click here.

Deadline August 10: Applications are due to seek a seat on the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) seeks to fill openings on the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee, with qualified individuals who will evaluate proposed acceptance criteria prepared by staff concerning building products. Applications will be accepted until August 10, 2018. For more information, click here.

Deadline August 15: All ICC Chapters must submit their annual reports to receive Chapter benefits

Many Chapters have already done so, but Wednesday, August 15, is the deadline to submit your Annual Report so you can receive all Chapter benefits, including a complimentary registration to this year’s Annual Conference in Richmond, Va. Monday afternoon, October 22, will feature a Chapter Presidents’ Meeting, where the Chapter of the Year will receive its award. To submit your Chapter’s Annual Report, log in to your My ICC account and choose “My Chapters.” From there, you can go to “View/Edit Chapter Details,” and add an Annual Report. For more information, contact Karla Higgs at 888-422-7233 x5268 or chapters@iccsafe.org.

Deadline August 31: Send in applications for the Governing Committee of an ICC Membership Council

If you want a seat on one of the ICC Membership Councils’ Governing Committees, the first step is to submit your application to seek candidacy for the position by Friday, August 31. ICC has six Membership Councils. The application puts you into the nomination and election process which concludes Sunday morning, October 21, at the ICC Annual Conference in Richmond. Click here for an application to become a Governing Committee candidate. Terms are 2 years for the Emerging Leaders Membership Council and 3 years for all other Councils. Travel is required for at least two of the Membership Council Governing Committee meetings. For more information, email Karla Higgs.

Deadline September 14: Opportunities available to participate on ICC Exam Development Committees

If you’ve ever been interested in having a say in the development and maintenance of the ICC National Certification exams, now’s the time to apply. But hurry — the closing date for receipt of applications is September 14. EDC members are appointed by the Certification Committee of the Professional Development Council for three-year terms. Applications are reviewed for experience, education, certifications held, previous committee experience and geographic location/municipality size to ensure our committees are representative of the entire nation. Beginning January 1, 2019, there will be many openings on ICC Exam Development Committees (EDCs). Read more.

Deadline September 16: Get price breaks from early-bird registrations for 2018 ICC Annual Conference

Register by Sunday, September 16, to benefit from early-bird savings when you register for the 2018 ICC Annual Conference, Code Hearings and Expo, October 21-31 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Va. This important building industry event offers educational sessions led by world-renowned experts, networking opportunities, historic building tours and the chance to influence the 2021 International Codes (I-Codes). If your jurisdiction needs prompting to understand the value of your participation in the Annual Conference and code hearings, please use this justification letter template. For conference information at-a-glance, click here to see the ICC Annual Conference talking points.

Deadline September 24: Validation required to vote at 2018 Annual Conference and on Group A codes

Join the over 5,000 Governmental Member Voting Representatives that have already been validated to vote online or in person. As a Primary Representative of current Governmental Members, you can click here to login and validate your Governmental Member Voting Representatives. This year, Voting Representatives must have their credentials validated by September 24 in order to fully participate in the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, Public Comment Hearings, and Online Governmental Consensus Vote. Governmental Member Voting Representatives must be validated each year. If you have already validated your voting representatives’ credentials in 2018, you do not need to do so again.

Space is limited: Applications are online to sign up for the Fourth Annual Ron Burton Golf Outing

The very popular Ron Burton Golf Outing is receiving applications right now and supporters are advised to act now. Space in the event is limited. This annual feature of the ICC Annual Conference is sponsored by the ICC Past Presiding Officers to provide training and resources to future leaders of the code profession. It will be held Sunday, October 21. You can sign up as a sponsor or player. This event celebrates the life and work of William Ronald “Ron” Burton.

August 13 teleconference scheduled to organize public input to the ICC Code Correlation Committee

A teleconference for the ICC Code Correlation Committee is scheduled for Monday, August 13, 2018, to initiate public comments, as needed, for correlation of changes to be considered at the Public Comment Hearing. The meeting is expected to start at 1 p.m. Eastern. An agenda will be posted on the ICC website at www.iccsafe.org/ccc. Read more

ICC Government Relations Forum time and date set for 2018 ICC Annual Conference

One of the most popular attractions during the ICC Annual Conferences has been the Government Relations Forum, which features timely issues and compelling speakers. The Forum will be 8:30 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, October 23, in the Greater Richmond Convention Center. ICC Members will be eligible for ICC CEUs for attending.

Focus on the ICC Military Families Career Path Program progress will be featured October 22

Starting at 1 p.m. Monday, October 22, ICC Members can hear a one-hour update on the ICC Military Families Career Path Program to recruit veterans to find careers in code development and enforcement. The meeting will be held in Room B17 of the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The program was featured in the latest episode of the ICC Pulse Podcast with Sergeant First Class Mike Reese with the Code Services Department of Manhattan, Kansas. Click here to listen.

WILDFIRES: ICC webpage offers insights and resources to help communities and officials cope

Once again, wildfires are tragically claiming lives and wrecking neighborhoods and communities, resulting in mounting costs that have enormous economic and environmental impacts to the nation’s communities and businesses. The ICC website offers a resource page to help officials and communities cope with fires, prevention and recovery. Also, Gabe Maser, Vice President of ICC Federal Relations, recently published this news article on FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding to support wildfire recovery. Click here.

New video available to explain the benefits of becoming a Member of the International Code Council

When it comes to creating safe, sustainable and resilient structures, code officials are the heroes that make it happen.  And if you’re interested in pursuing a career that’s dedicated to keeping people safe where they live, work and play, ICC provides an abundance of tools to help you get started. Click here to view the new video from ICC Member Services, and pass it along to others. Also, new ICC Chapter logos are available for your website, merchandise, and other uses. A vertical Chapter logo is available by clicking here. A horizontal version is available here.

2018 Marks the 20th anniversary of the International Energy Conservation Code

ICC celebrates the 20th anniversary of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) this year, which addresses the design of energy-efficient building envelopes and the installation of energy-efficient mechanical, lighting and power systems through requirements emphasizing performance. The IECC is in use across the United States, member nations of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. To date, the energy code has saved U.S. consumers over $44 billion and avoided 36 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Between 2010 and 2040, the U.S. Department of Energy expects that model building energy codes will save homeowners and businesses up to $126 billion in energy costs. Click here to read more.

ICC and NFPA release the 2018 edition of the International Solar Energy Provisions (ISEP)

The International Code Council and the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC), in collaboration with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), have updated the 2018 International Solar Energy Provisions (ISEP). This publication compiles the solar energy provisions of the 2018 International Codes (I-Codes) and the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC or NFPA 70) and related ICC-SRCC standards into one comprehensive document on the design, installation and administration of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. The ISEP is available for adoption by interested countries, states and local jurisdictions as their solar energy code, and it mirrors the format of the I-Codes, a family of fifteen modern, regularly updated building safety codes used throughout the world. The ISEP contains separate provisions for commercial and residential buildings, and two important solar standards have been included in their entirety: ICC 900/SRCC 300–2015, Solar Thermal System Standard, and ICC 901/SRCC 100–2015, Solar Thermal Collector Standard. Additional resources, such as the Checklist and Submittal Requirements for Expedited Permitting of Solar Photovoltaic Systems and the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Site Access, are also included. To order the 2018 ISEP, click here.

ICC Government Relations’ Sara Yerkes outlines ICC’s efforts to inspire people to take code careers

Sara Yerkes, Senior Vice President of ICC Government Relations, recently had an article published that explains ICC’s efforts and commitment to inspire young people and military veterans to consider careers in code development and enforcement. Click here to read the article.

ICC-ES resumes Building Department Service due to demand for evaluating products or components

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) is reinstating its Building Department Service due to requests and increased demand. This unique program provides technical services to code officials for evaluating a building material, product or system for specific sites. Through the service, jurisdictions can arrange for ICC-ES experts to investigate, evaluate, and report on specific products or components that are being proposed for use on a given project to determine whether they are acceptable. ICC-ES technical staff are the standard for the industry and are qualified to evaluate a wide range of products including fire-resistive assemblies, sandwich panels, solid-fuel-burning appliances, classified roof coverings and wall-covering systems. For more information, contact es@icc-es.org or 1-800-423-6587.

Upcoming from the ICC Learning Center: Institutes, training, seminars, webinars, etc.

Online learning is available from the ICC Learning Center. Find course listings you’d like to attend in the Learning Center using the Search function. Single-day training events are an opportunity to focus on topics to ensure your code knowledge stays up to date, with some seminars offering a Virtual Classroom option so you can participate in the event from any location with an internet connection:

The following is the updated list of ICC Institutes and other training opportunities across the nation. Find course listings you’d like to attend in the Learning Center using the Search function:

Certification Test Academies feature interactive and question-based review for the exam. Students will receive a voucher to take the exam at a later date. Upcoming Academies:

Meeting Thursday 2/8/18 1-2:30PM at DCRA E300

Hello, and welcome to the DCCOA announcement list!

The poll is done, and the winning slot for the next meeting is Thursday, February 8th, 1-2:30 PM. The meeting will be at DCRA in room E300: please consider hosting a future meeting if you have a space, or know of one, that might work well for people coming from all over the city/area: people have said DCRA is a somewhat difficult place, due to parking, so it could be nice to move around sometimes.
  Vote in the ByLaws
  Accept New Members
  Vote in Officers/Board
If you have any time and energy to help this meeting go well, the following needs to happen:
  The Officers/Board ballot (or list of nominees) needs to be prepared. See below & separate email.
  Voting mechanisms for both the Bylaws and Officers/Board need to be developed, and relevant materials need to be brought to the meeting.
  We need a meeting secretary to take notes.
Officers/Board nominations: we were accepting nominations (including self-nominations) from the floor at our preliminary meeting. The draft Bylaws include a nominating committee, but does not lay out the nominating process. The Bylaws do specify that we will be following Robert’s Rules of Order, which allows for a number of different nominating approaches: I would informally classify those as closed (i.e. by committee, or by the chair) and open (i.e. from the floor). I suggest we continue with our initial direction and utilize an open approach for this first round, but we can revisit this and we should clarify it, IMO, in a future Bylaws version. The two approaches are somewhat exclusive, as far as I can tell.
I will send out a separate email specifically about nominations in a moment.
Thank you for your attention, and I hope to see you 2/8. It may be useful to remember: this early administrative stuff is NOT the fun part of DCCOA, and once we get it up and running, with programs and code development and… whatever we choose to do… THEN the excitement starts. Thanks for hanging in there in the meantime.
There may be people who are not on this email list who would like to participate. Please forward this to them, and have them get in touch with me to join in the fun.
Keith Winston

Hello DCCOA!

We have had two preliminary meetings in Fall/Winter of 2017, in our process of getting the DCCOA rolling after a quiescent period. We expect to be fully reestablished in early 2018. We hope you will join us!